Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Antz again - New Skins and Dress

Hello Lovelies,

sorry for being so quiet over the last few days - my whole SL has changed... not always for the better but I´d like to present one positive change:

I`M THE NEW ANTZ ADVERTISEMENT-GIRL!!!! Ain´t that great? This also means I can blog about her new stuff *YES ;) * we go:

Today I´m going to present you her THREE new skins (yes our Jess has been a busy bee again) and a new dress!

the makeups are hand - drawn ;) 

natural, dramatic black, posh plum makeups

~St. Patrick´s Day Special Skin~
Coffee, Creme, Latte (from left to right, face and backside shown in latte)

This is the matching St Patrick´s Day Dress

Now those were the most current releases :) 
You want them don´t you?

Take care, 

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