Saturday, March 3, 2012

Styling Community Store

Hey Lovelies,

remember when I told you I became a StoreModel for the Stylist Community Store?


Now´s the time to show you some first impressions:

This is the entrance ..well...main part... with seats ;) (yes some vendors were switching when I took the pic... I could take another one...but... why don´t you come over to see what´s in them? I like that idea better *grins*

Backarea on the left

Backarea on the right

My workspot :) (yep that´s me in LeCharme´s Black Venus) 

I´m just in that exact spot as I type this - and will be for 30 more minutes :)
(and ...thursdays from 11AM-12PMSLT...and sometimes in between.... *grins*)

OH! And...While we´re at it:
a little note from Gina Lavradorio about the opening (I´ll be in the show^^)

Hello Fashion Lovers,
I am proud to open my new store. We are having big brands inside u all know and some u might not knew yet. I would be very happy if you visit our opening show.

March the 17th 1.30 pm slt.

SC Store

We will have a big show with Models and every guest receives a glass champagne.

How to dress?
Dress code is formal wear in black/white.

We are always looking for new brands :) so I look forward to see you guest and designers.

For more Info IM Gina Lavradorio!


take care,

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