Sunday, March 18, 2012

News from !Zoom ^^

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m back with some news from !Zoom ^^. Kiana has given me quite a pack of new stuff but ...I gotta be honest here : my everyday shape is sized to be at a realistic height difference to 98% of the males in SL. Her props are made for reallife sized avis - which are a good 10 feet smaller usually...^^

She´s currently wondering if she should offer taller versions or if it´s not necessary... maybe give her a little feedback? 

Now ok...let´s get to work^^

~ This one is the Atelier~
I gotta admit it´s a couple pose and the male´s supposed to stand behind the girl but...I liked it that way...
makes it look like I was busy and someone came in and I jolted up and let the papers fall out of my hands^^

~ or be a model for an invisible photographer ~
(this is where the other part was holding the model actually^^)

~ this one is called Deeper Love ~
thanks for my dear friend Dragan to help me out here *laughs*

ok lovelies you might have noticed - I started to learn how to edit my pics :) I´m far from good...and I´m still gonna focus on raw, cropped pics but...yeah... I´m learning and practising and might harass you with my trials once in a while (mainly in flickr and fb though xD)

anyways... these Props and Poses are to be grabbed here

untill next time,
take care

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