Friday, March 23, 2012

Something wicked this way comes

Hello Lovelies,

this entry is pure selfishness ... I just ...HAVE .... to show you this piece of awesomeness ...and... (most likely...the inspiration behind it.... Ms Allegory Malaprop has not confirmed my theory but... more later^^)

Lovelies - it´s my pure pleasure to introduce you to the substyle of Horrorpunk! Perfect for this style are the corsets by Schadenfreude! (Ok they´re perfect anyways...for anything...but..yeah)

This corset is called Something wicked .. and I THINK it is an hommage to the US-Horrorpunk Act Wednesday 13 (it was put on the marketplace the same day  W13´s most recent album was released, including a title with that particular name.... hmmm ;) )

Now I want you ALL to sing along... (I´ll add the video^^)

~ Where did you come from? ~

~ THE DUST!!! ~

~ Where will you go to? ~

~ THE GRAVE!!!! ~

~ Darkness soon falls, everyone calls ~

~ Something wicked this way comes ~
(yes I know.... my hands... but... I´m tearing my tights a bit more ;)  no...seriously..I wanted to show the back lacing^^ cos this is an actual CORSET! not a corsage ;) )

~ Those are the patterns included in every colourpack so you get...not only Wider Rips, Wider Hips (both versions with frozen waists) and a rigged version of the corset but 3 patterns as well... ~


My Everyday Shape 
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
Miamai Catwalk Evergreen Lashes
Antz Skin Anna 1
*BC322 Two plus (BlackxBlood) Hair
DeathRowDesigns Darkmakeupstitch
::Para Designs:: Felicity Black Dark Tattoo

+:+ WTG +:+ **Galaxy-f**nails
.:*LOULOU&CO*:. Bracelet Asteroid Black
.:*LOULOU&CO*:.  Necklace Enigma Black

Schadenfreude Something wicked Corsets in Crimson and Noir
Devicious Hardline Bra
Larry Jeans 805 Shorts Black
Death Row Designs Chainboot Black
.::AKA::. rape bloody tights1

Coffin and Mausoleum Props by Glitterati

The Song!!!

Now my Lovelies, 
I hope you like it as much as I do :)

I´ll be back with more news in a few minutes

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