Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fashion Police Pt. 2 - Wicca´s Exclusiveness

Hello again Lovelies,

as I mentioned earlier I´ll be posting VERY irregularly - yes that can also include 2 posts a day... or 3 or 4...
Spech as this one has been prepared and on the list for several days now, too - and the exclusiveness of this item is SO exclusive, that I could ask the people who HAD the chance to get THIS very colour to say hi to me... (maybe do a photoshoot together - is it possible to squeeze 50 ppl in one pic? Does anybody have a pose for that?). The Outfit was part of the Coutuires Dock´s November *yep I know I´m far behind *blushes*  *.

...OOOPS!!! I blabbered... and gave away the number of availability for this special colour : FIFTY!
By now they´re all gone ( I know that without asking dear Wicca, cos when we spoke last week it´s been down to 26 already ;) )

as it looks very uniformesque again I thought I´d return to my Fashion Police duties

so many things I see on a daily basis in basically EVERY life make me cringe and hide my poor eyes ;P 

Style Card:

Hair: Alice  Project Tyr *create your own . thats indigo with rainbow streaks here xD*
Clothes: Jacket Charlotte, Pants Anakri, Heels Jane *slink high ;)* by Wicca´s Wardrobe
Poses: Miamai
Background : Katink

Now am I the only one who has to think of the ever so awesome Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) from Star Wars? Actually I´m daring Wicca to comment if that´s who had inspired her and if not - who did :P 

Also I´ll be doing some photoshoots in the meantime when I don´t have the energy to blog so keep an eye on my flickr. The difference for me is that I post the blog to several sites and communities which makes it quite some work, whereas I only upload, tag and put the photos in groups and stuff for flickr. 
I hope you understand, have mercy on my soul, things are harsh at the moment. 

I love you from the bottom of my heart, 

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