Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Session with Klubwerk

Hello Lovelies,

no I did not abbandon you again - I´m SO sorry but my RL is quite a trip at the moment... so I will keep on blogging quite irregularly  - sometimes it might even appear regularly but I cannot guarantee anything. I let some nice applications by stores looking for bloggers slip due to that fact :( but I´m too embarrassed with my current sponsors already to disappoint more :(

ANYWAYS  - our dearest Kiana from Klubwerk has spoilt us bloggers with a massive badass autumn/winter package:

meet  Julia, the jacket and Nora, the Bodysuit

this is the Marley Skirt and Top combination

now here we got Moira, that comes with a "Bad Girl" pullover as well:

see? ;) 

Meet Olaf, the "Norwegian" pullover (we call them Norwegerpulli over here in Germany)

and this is Nora again  - without Julia this time as it´s gotten a bit warmer... or I might have had a glass of wine.... or two? *mumbles*

Style Card:

Clothes: Julia, Nora, Marley, Moira and Olaf by Klubwerk
Hair: LeLutka Chill 
Poses: several Glitterati
Backdrop: KaTink

Now Lovelies, as you can see I´ve been tinkering with paint,net a bit, as I´ve seen this at many (of your?) blogs and I´ve always loved it. YES, I know I still suck at it but  you know I like to take you all along the way - so we can maybe sit together and laugh at my "early attempt failures" - have you seen the first posts I did back in 2012? THOSE PICS....omg XD 

Erm yeah, enough of that I´ll leave you alone now ;)


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