My Standard Look

this is the basic style I wear:
Standard Look 2018_003


Shape:Kasha Bento Perfection (several versions)
Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1
Head: Catwa Kathy 3.2
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears HD - High Definition 0.1
Eyes: AviGlam Melancholia Eyes Forest
Tattoo: Carol G Romantic Roses in Black 75%(at least until baked on mesh ;) )

 Skin: Glam Affair Moirah Arctic

subject to changes:

Hair: Mina Hair Fiona  (along with  eXxEsS. Wasabi Pills, lamb, truth and others)

My clothes include Corsets (LACED BACK!!!!!!!!), Jeans, Casual, Urban, sometimes a bit posher stuff, lingerie.
Why I won´t change my shape dramatically, my skin or get another head or body or switch my tattoos around?

Well you see... I, Alex, do have ONE skin, ONE shape and ONE "tattoo layer". Kasha might be a character of mine, a part of my personality to some degree that might or might not frighten me at times...but I do see her as a person. She´s not a shapeshifter (if I bring out Ari that´s another character for me ^^)´s the same rules as for me! The damn brat is spoilt enough as it is ;)

On that note I´d like to thank a dear friend of mine, you know who you are and what for!! :*

And of course I thank D for supporting me, taking GREAT interest in Kasha and my SL even though he doesn´t want to join in. Be glad though my lovelies. We´re way too cheesy :P but in a cool way!


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  2. I have more than enough versions - from a Runway version over different levels of chest and butt sizes - so any and every piece of clothing will fit - the rest is signature ^^