This is my little blog about stuff I like. It´s mainly about fashion, the fashion I like. After a break of several weeks I switched from long, picture clad posts, displaying every hair colour, doing big collages,... to LookOfTheDays, listing the stores. I´m not the best photo editor so usually my pics are raw screenshots from SL, though I play with windlights and the lights of my studios.... *muaha*

I will blog the items I like, style them using my knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in sponsoring me just drop me a line or NC inworld or on FB, including your store link and we´ll see. I´m not blogging to collect as many free items as possible and - as much as you have the right to tell me "ok sorry you´re not the right blogger for my stuff" I claim the right to say "hey sorry your stuff is just not for me!". Which does NOT mean it sucks or anything - but... it´s just not for me.

This includes my precious sponsors! I will blog most items you give me - cos you´re my sponsors for a reason. There might be few items though, that will not be featured (Corsets without laced backs, anything related to weddings and engagements or partnership or love - unless I´m one of the partners or the lucky bride (to be). I´m serious about these topics, highly romantic and - sorry but I will not randomly blog anything related to the pretty much most important topic for me...I´m sure you understand! )

Slink Hands Fatpack and all 3 feet are available and used as seen fit or needed - NO FURTHER MESH PARTS OR BODIES WILL BE AQUIRED :P (I just don´t trust them... and my signature body is more important to me than an outline that is just a tad smoother... the difference is not big enough for me ...simple as that ;) ) 

My skintone of choice is GlamAffair´s Artic - I have not stepped off this line since I first laid eyes on it and while there are so many other EPIC skinstores THIS is MY skin - It just suits me best.  Anything around that paleness will be tested of course.

>> NEW<< : from now on I´ll ONLY post the store names - not the item or the price. 
Why? Because I want my readers to go explore. They should tp to your store, look around, be like "ahhh that´s what Kasha wore... and oooh what´s that? OHH OH OHHH I do want that, too...." you know... they see more, focus less, maybe buy more  and get a better sense of fashion overall. We all can profit from this decision I´m sure. 

>> NEW.2<< I´m fortunate to be able to wear all kinds of cute, sexy, insane and fucked up stuff and combinations. However if THAT ONE item looks plain shite on me I won´t blog it - why would I?  I couldn´t! After the hard work you put into its creation it would lack respect from my side to blog it and make it look horrible.  Again THIS HARDLY EVER HAPPENS !!! ;) 

>>NEW.3<<  Please send MALE ITEMS to my husband Ikaritroy Resident (Ikari Troy). He´ll be joining me if needed...or grabbed.... or well because of reasons. He´s my RL boyfriend and SL husband - a big wedding ceremony is in the process of being planned ;) 

>>NEW.4<<  I cleaned my list of PR Places as in where to post the link - I chose 8 big SL groups and some 3rd party sites - I´d rather have fewer groups with more members than 100s of groups with some of them only having a handful of members who are in the bigger groups, too... ;) 

>>NEW.5<< The list of feeds is and will be updated and changed and I will (re)apply for (more/other) feeds in early 2015 as I´ve just restarted this blog ^^

Some will curse me for that... but I know most people will understand:)

(I put this blog on 18+ because I refuse to reign in my language on MY OWN blog^^ if I want to say something fuckin rocks - I will say it ;) )

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anti copycats

I do not like and support copycats! If I find out you have stolen things I will stop working with you and help support the original creator ASAP!

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