Sunday, May 20, 2012

wow its been 9 days :(

Hey Lovelies,

I´m so sorry but RL has been such a greedy, demanding lil piece of meanie recently :( . I think I got rid of it for now so might *hopefully* be able to go back to blogging tomorrow - and hopefully on a regular basis again....

keep your fingers crossed

i miss you...

take care

Friday, May 11, 2012

LOTD Rocking out

Hey Lovelies,

I just HAVE to show you this outfit. This time I did NOT shoot it at home but at Demonic NightClub - pretty much the best club in SL *yes I danced there ...I know... I´m baised... bla XD*

~ the front ~ 

~ the back - I love that lacing^^ ~

~ SHAKE IT!!! ~

~ a little starry mouth ^^ ~ 

~ look at the chain that goes down my spine right to my bra - I love it^^ ~


My Everyday Shape

all pics taken at Demonic NightClub (poses are from the first danceball right of the stage ;P)

there´ll be more pics on flickr and fb ;)

take care

RAWR! GCD reveals the TIGER

Hey again Lovelies,

yeah I know... when ever I had to take/took a break I´m back with several posts in a row... sorry XD

This entry is dedicated to Gwen Carillon´s newest release TIGER^^

 ~ it can be worn as a beautiful, posh gown ~

~ or as a pants version for... pretty much any occasion hehe ~

(I chose to be barefooted ..not because I´m that lazy ..just... well... I felt  - and still think this looks good with bare feet ;) )
*yep...those lines in the background were made by a cooperation of paint...and my mouse... ;P*

take care, 

Hush ´s Grace - what a beautiful S(k)in

Hey Lovelies,

finally I found the peace to blog again. It´s been rough but I´m back and blooming (er..yeah..stop the blabla and go on^^)

Today I´m gonna show you the newest release from Hush:


~ her full body *in Sugar* ~

~ the shades - you know them all: Caramel, Cocoa, Honey, Cream, Vanilla 

~ those are the sexy new makeups ;) ~

as you know each fatpack comes with it´s own shape, hiptattoo and brow options ;)

Go grab it here

Take Care

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Im sorry

for being so quiet my Lovelies... I still love you and I miss you but I´m going through rough times atm with no inspiration or anything ...I´ll be back with awesome things and projects once that´s sorted...


Friday, May 4, 2012

I´m not dead^^

Hey Lovelies,

sorry this week has been RL madness for me including my last written exam EVER ( long as I dont go to university...) today... - only one left in 2 weeks but that´s oral ..

I´ll present new stuff from tomorrow on...but brain is mushed - sorry ;)

Thanks for your continuing support -

I love you